The grant writing team assesses areas of financial need and logistical support within ESOL. The committee investigates creative ways to fund ESOL’s efforts to assist the non-English speaking population of Rockbridge County and to facilitate communication in many languages.

 ESOL has been awarded a Verizon Community Grant (March, 2008).

This grant allowed ESOL to purchase textbooks for English students.

ESOL has been awarded an ACS Diversity Initiative Grant (December, 2006). 

This grant allowed ESOL to continue to expand its operations in the teaching of free English and Spanish classes, the translations of documents of community agencies and businesses, and the 24-hour Hotline for quick interpretations.  In addition, ESOL completed a workshop for ACS and Virginia universities to share its model with other student leaders.

ESOL was awarded a CARE grant in January 2004. 

The CARE grant allowed for a detailed analysis of the Spanish speaking community in Rockbridge County. By learning where the Spanish speakers make their home and how permanent their residence is in Rockbridge County, ESOL was able to gain access to concrete information about the needs of the Hispanic community.


English for Speakers of Other Languages