Practice makes perfect.

Whether you are in a class, have a private tutor, or work on your English in your spare time, exercising what you know is the best way to learn a language. Use this page to find the resources that will best suit your needs and lifestyle and you will be on the road to fluency.


Useful Resources 

The Rockbridge Regional Library has free computers with internet access for patrons with a library card, which is also free. The library also has English as a Second Language textbooks. These books are located on the Adult Basic Education (or ABE) shelf in the Lexington branch. You can also find ESL books with the online card catalog in the library. Type “English as a Second Language” and find a listing of our 44 ESL titles.

Rong Chang An excellent site where you can hear Voice of America news broadcasts in special English-very slow. There are also lots of lessons and activities for people who want to learn English on the internet.

Free English: You can study English online in one of 16 languages!

Yamada Language Center
: Self-study quizzes, fun puzzles and other activities.

Bell English Online: After registering for free, a student has access to several exercises, activities, games, and testing. This site also has a special section on “English for telephoning.”

EnglishSpace: A student may register for free and have access to several activities on grammar and vocabulary. A very comprehensive site. This site has free weekly lessons and complete pages on grammar, vocabulary, verbs, and more. Students can also use an English dictionary and access TOEFL tests. Students can also sign up for a free email address. A site for the more advanced student, lessons focus on specific vocabulary and themes and focuses on reading. A site with a new Chinese center, online audio center, developing video center, and a wealth of e-learning pages with online quizzes Comprehensive lessons and definitions, but for the more advanced student. Reading-heavy.

English Daily: This site offers “Americanized” English lessons, including idioms, proverbs, movie lines, slang, and common sentences. This site offers the student words for conversational English, slang definitions, and word clarifications.

Larry Ferlazzo’s ESL blog site:  Excellent resource to ask questions about ESL teaching and to access ESL teaching resources.  Includes resources for general foreign language teaching.

TESOL English Language Bulletin: This website provides a weekly news bulletin from TESOL international association. Various topics are covered from K-12 issues, language and education policies, and other hot topics.

Role-Playing the Present Perfect: A Speaking Activity: This role-playing game allows students to take on familiar roles and incorporate the present perfect tense in a fun and communicative way.

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