The Translation Committee of ESOL translates documents English into Spanish and Spanish into English. Occasionally translating documents from English to Chinese and vice versa for the Rockbridge area. By providing free translation services, we hope to facilitate not only the transition of English Language Learners into the area, but also a connection between the English-Spanish speaking communities.

For more information please contact: Julia Poppenberg ’19           (

Examples of the kinds of documents we translate:

  • brochures and flyers for churches, clinics, stores, etc
  • job applications
  • restaurant menus
  • websites

How the process works:
-Our committee is contacted (usually via e-mail) by people with questions or requests.
-We obtain paperwork to be translated from local organizations, restaurants, churches, etc.
-Our volunteers work together to translate the documents.
-Finally, we deliver the translated materials back to the community.

Work thus far and plans for the future:
So far, the Translation Committee has successfully translated a patient brochure for the Rockbridge Clinic and website material about autism and ADHD.

We are currently working on a year-long project for the Society of St. Andrews, which does religious programming and works to eradicate hunger.  We look forward to receiving materials from other organizations in the near future.

The committee plans to continue to publicize its services, looking for projects from the community. The committee hopes one day to develop a book of simple translations for emergency situations for the Lexington Rescue Squad and to begin an English / Spanish article for the News Gazette. Suggestions and requests are welcome!

If you have questions, suggestions, or a translation request,

If you are a W&L or VMI student with experience with the Spanish language, consider joining the Translation Committee! You can help others and get to know more about the Spanish speaking community while improving your own language abilities.

Useful Resources

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