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ESOL Co-President Andrea Rojas awarded Fulbright to México

ESOL Co-President Kamryn Godsey awarded Fulbright to Taiwan

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For more than 20 years, ESOL volunteers have participated in language and literacy work in the Lexington-Rockbridge area and beyond. By Kelsey GoodwinJanuary 31, 2023 English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is a student organization at Washington and Lee...


Tuesday, October 12th 6 p.m. in Leyburn 119 ESOL is recruiting volunteers! Come to our All-Member Meeting and meet the ESOL leadership team. Learn about the services we offer to support local Latinx communities. Sign up with one of our teams to assist with: K-12...

¡Baile! October 9th, 2021 Doors at 7 pm

W&L's Latinx Student Organization is holding a dance on Saturday, October 9th at 7 pm. The event will feature a DJ, Photo Booth, and Light Show.  The theme is: LET YOUR CULTURE SHINE THROUGH! (Wear sparkly attire) The event is sponsored by LSO, OIE,...

Hispanic Heritage Month Kick Off Event! September 15th 4-7 pm

Join us at an event organized by LSO on Canaan Green! Stop by the ESOL table and be sure to grab an icey and a taco! 

Visit ESOL at the Campus Activities Fair! September 12th

Come learn how you can get involved in ESOL!  Services we offer to support local Latinx communities.   Sign up with one of our teams to assist with: K-12 Tutoring; Community English Classes; Interpretations; Translations Community Outreach Bilingual ...

Opportunities & Benefits for W&L Students engaged in ESOL


ESOL develops leaders. ESOL’s leadership team (12-14 students/year) works closely with Lexington and Rockbridge residents, community partners, and W&L faculty and staff.  They learn gain budget skills, recruit volunteers, and maintain relationships.  Student leaders also learn how to craft grant proposals to support ESOL’s mission. Click here to view our leadership positions.


TESOL & VATESOL. ESOL student leaders travel to the annual TESOL and the VATESOL professional conferences where they present their work and return to campus prepared to run teacher workshops.


Post Graduate opportunities. 16 ESOL students have received Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships (ETAs) or Fulbright Research Fellowships over the past 20 years. Click on the tabs below to see some of the awards ESOL students have won.


ESOL work-study affords the students to work bi- or trilingually as part of their work-study experience.  ESOL work-study become an integral part of the ESOL organization. Currently, we have 2 general work study positions and 2 work study positions for the Summer Program. When positions become available, we will post a link here. 


Summer internships. This past summer (2021) 2 ESOL Summer Interns helped design our Summer Pilot Program (to launch in 2022).


Liaisons. ESOL has student liaisons to the Law School, Engineering Community Development, GenDev, and the Shepherd Poverty Program. ESOL has worked with numerous professors and law students to help attend to clients with immigration, family, and tax issues. 


Coursework. There is at least 1 ESOL-linked course offered every other year in Romance Languages.


International service. ESOL volunteers travel to Puerto Morelos, Mexico for a spring-summer internship where they teach English and other core subjects in the only highschool in this small town where many residents work in tourism/hospitality.


“What I miss most now are the community members and partners I met… This experience made me feel at home in Lexington in a way I had never imagined possible in my short four years there.”


Hanna Denham

ESOL Co-President 2019-2020

“I have learned that emotions go beyond language and that at the end of the day the essence of being human connects us. We need to learn to value the challenge that comes with learning a second language like English.”

Ángel Vela De La Garza Evia

ESOL Co-President 2017-2018

“As Community Coordinator, my job includes staying connected with community members and organizations to facilitate relationships and participate in events between ESOL and the Rockbridge community.”

Curry Sherard

ESOL Co-President 2020-2021

Updated 2/26/2021

Julia Poppenberg Argentina Fulbright ETA 2021
Andrew Agrippina Colombia Peace Corps 2020
Caroline Rivers Mexico Fulbright ETA 2020
Kathryn McEvoy Spain Fulbright ETA 2019
Andrew Agrippina Spain Fulbright ETA 2019
Jackson Ellis Germany Fulbright ETA 2019
Jared Shely Colombia Fulbright ETA 2018
John Dannehl Spain Fulbright ETA 2017
Harrison Westgarth Brazil Research (Biology) 2017
Anna Paden Carson Colombia Fulbright ETA 2016
Meera Kumar India Research (Art History) 2016
Kendre Barnes Panama Fulbright ETA 2013
Jamie Ferrell Chile Fulbright ETA 2008
Emily Sberna Spain Fulbright ETA 2007
Annie Rochfort Spain Research (Art History) 2005

Updated 5/25/2020

Lorena Hernández Bárcena 2019
Ángel Vela de la Garza Evia 2018
Kate LeMasters 2015
Christopher Washnock 2012
Natalie Bunnell 2010
Courtney Harrison 2006
Elizabeth Meehan 2005
Kara Harbert 2004
Brooks Hickman 2002

Watch ESOL's conference presentation at TESOL '21

Curry Sherard ’21 (co-president)

Jackie Tamez ’22 (co-president)

Lizzie Figueiras ’21 (translations)

Clara Albacete ’23 (community outreach)

ESOL at a glance


  • ESOL is typically comprised of 65-75 W&L volunteers, with approximately 5-10 other student volunteers from VMI, RCHS, and SVU.



  • ESOL volunteers provide one-on-one and group ESL instruction to individuals in our area. This includes tutoring, English lessons, GED preparation and more.
  • ESOL volunteers organize and promote Community Events.
  • ESOL volunteers interpret for the W&L Immigration Clinic, the Tax Clinic, local schools and organizations.
  • ESOL volunteers typically translate between 200-300 pages (mostly English-Spanish) per year for schools, health centers, community organizations, the W&L Immigration Clinic and others.
  • Students engaged in ESOL contribute approximately 160 hours of service per week throughout the school year.

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“As a tutor, I learned about the value of relationships and community. Language learning is a vulnerable journey, and it is impossible to succeed without first developing a foundation of trust. As Co-President of the organization, I learned about the value of delegation and teamwork. I was so lucky to be part of an incredible team of fellow leaders, without whom the organization would not exist.”

Katherine McEvoy

ESOL Co-President 2018-2019

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